How to Cut a Diy Wolf Cut: Guide for Short & Long Hair

Achieving the Coveted Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is the edgy, shaggy hairstyle that has dominated hair trends this year. With its choppy layers and mix of short and long pieces, this look is equal parts glamorous and gritty.

If you’re seeking a daring style transformation, read on to learn how to nail this wild mane.

Gather The Right Tools

You’ll need more than just scissors to create soft, piece-y layers. Arm yourself with :


  • Hair cutting shears: Invest in a quality, sharp pair for precise snipping.
  • Thinning shears: Use these to delicately remove bulk and create wispy ends.
  • Comb: A wide-tooth comb helps separate hair into sections.
  • Hair clips: Pull back sections not being cut to maintain control.
  • A picture: Have a wolf cut inspiration photo handy to reference.


Start With Clean, Air-Dried Hair

Cutting hair wet blunts your scissors and makes it harder to control. Wash and condition the day before your cut, then let your hair air dry overnight. Brush it out smooth so layers fall naturally.

Section Off The Top

Wolf cuts have tons of shaggy layers through the top and crown. Lift the hair straight up from your ears and clip back the bottom section. Leave out a clean horizontal part lining up with your eyebrows and comb it smooth. This top area will get sliced to add messy height.

Point Cut Into The Top

Here’s where you create the choppy texture. Hold your shears vertically and snip into the ends, removing no more than 1⁄2 inch of hair per cut. Point cutting like this avoids blunt lines. Make narrow cuts, wide cuts, side cuts – get creative with angles! Shake out your hair and repeat, rotating all around your head.

Work In Horizontal Sections

Drop down more hair from your ponytail and fraction off a 2-inch wide segment near the nape of your neck. Comb it straight out. Snip vertically into the ends using your point cutting method. Release the section and let it fall naturally. Repeat all around the back and sides, moving up in horizontal pieces. Watch pieces cascade down to guide your next line.

Incorporate Thinning Shears

For extra whispyness, go over all the point cut sections with thinning shears. Quickly open and close them while precariously holding the ends of your hair. This creates airy layers without cutting off length. Use them lightly to avoid over-thinning.

Texturize The Perimeter

Wolf cuts should maintain longer face-framing pieces that Gradually shorten towards the back. Identify your longest front section and pull it taught out to the side. Use your cutting shears to notch into this section so it falls above your collarbone at its shortest point. Texturize the rest of your perimeter pieces in the same fashion, leaving the nape the shortest point.

Detail With Drop Layers

hair cut

Draw a center part so you have two clear sides. On one half, pick up a small subsection and hold it vertically Straight out from your head. Cut upward into the ends, leaving extensive length In the front. Repeat, moving horizontally back along that side. Do the same process on the other side. These underside layers create dramatic drop movement.

Add P Piece Fringe

Many wolf cuts feature short, eye-grazing bangs. Measure your desired length and cut a straight line on the underside. Then angle your shears diagonally towards the root to meet your original cut. Repeat on the other side to form a centered, V-shaped fringe. Texturize the heavy top fringe for a tousled look.

Style With Messy Abandon

Ruffle your shorn locks forward and tousle pieces towards your face. Scruff the back high for volume. Allow your pretty new layers to cascade freely. Finish with salt spray for sexy, undone texture with staying power. Welcome your inner wolf!

With some careful snipping, you can unleash your own savage style. This rebellious cut takes confidence to pull off, but the payoff provides an effortlessly cool look. Keep your locks fresh and your attitude brave to rock the omnipresent wolf cut. Let your imagination run wild with this untamed crop !



How to Maintain and Style Wolf Cut Hair

Book Regular Trims

With its range of lengths and shattered ends, wolf cut grow-out gets shaggy quickly. Visit your stylist every 8 weeks to retain crisp shaping. Bring inspiration photos and clearly explain what lengths you want preserved.

Skipping trims lets the style lose its definition.

Wash Delicately

Daily shampooing strips the oils that enhance wolf cuts’ piece-y texture. Focus cleansing solely on the scalp, then condition mid-lengths to ends. Avoid aggressively rubbing fragile layers and gently blot wet hair with an old tee. Limit heat tools and let hair air dry to prevent frizz.

hair cut

Use Targeted Texture Products

Sea salt sprays replicate the gritty, beach-babe vibe. Shake vigorously then mist mid-shaft to ends on damp hair. Scrunch upwards with open palms so layers don’t mat. Finish with flexible hold spray for polished texture that moves.

Refresh Oil-Prone Roots

Refresh dirty roots between washes by massaging dry shampoo along the scalp. Follow with texturizing powder dusted through layers to soak up excess grease so hair looks and feels freshly washed. A tousle with fingers blends it in.

Tame Frizz and Flyaway

Smooth unruly fuzz near your hairline by warming a dime-sized dollop of frizz cream or serum between palms. Press over crown and sides to slick down strays. Avoid oil near the scalp, which can cause limpness at the root.

Change Up Your Part

Creating one static part causes flatness and exposes thinning over time. Mix it up! Switch between middle and side parts when styling to disperse volume evenly throughout layers. For special events, a zig-zag adds drama.

Tailor Your Routine

Wolf cuts thrive with targeted products like mousse, sea salt spray, texturizing paste and medium hold gel. Experiment to discover your perfect routine for amplifying texture and movement. Always apply stylers to damp, clean hair and let air dry for best results.

Show Off With Accessories

Draw attention to your daring crop by weaving Bright braids across buzzed sides or pinning back fuller pieces to spotlight sliced napes. Scrunch up short fringe with cute clips and sprinkle in hair jewelry so this cut steals every glance.

Prep For Overnight

Unprotected layers end up a tangled mess overnight. Before bed, smooth frizz with a tiny dollop of hydrating oil, then loosely braid face-framing pieces. For short crops, gently pile hair on top of your head, securing with a scrunchie. Buff ends under so they rest snag-free.






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